Build your own Theremin

Impro the Theremin: over the classical

How to play other timbres and other styles on theremin, Improvisation,  Physics of theremin and  body approach around the instrument. A journey to choose and play with pedals,  effects (dinamyc filters delay-reverb distorsion), loopmachine, digital and analog outboards. CV and MIDI. To create and customize your own theremin sound.
Playing as singing. Istant composition.
Impro the Ether, a way to go over the knowed, with the improvisation. Because the improvisation, is the art of living playing


More than one theremin is not at the top of the fitness: out of calibration,  design limits and other wich can be optimized. Frequently, after an accidental falls or  bad handling, during a tour, is needed an 'emergency' on the road or just on the stage. More: there are no easily available service centers or technicians who know these instruments.
As with other instruments, the musician must be the first technician of its instrument.
The workshops aims to explain the history,  basics of operation and the main problems about the theremin. To put every partecipant - with a simply and cheap equipment -  under the proper conditions  to do yourself:
Check and  fix failures on power supply, interferences, main filter, audio cable, connectors, antennas, volume and pitch restoring after a bad handling, travel, crash. Adjusting and repairs. Alignment procedure, first aid, tuning the theremin. Improve  the linearity.

Customize your theremin   Ethervawe standard, Etherwave Pro, Silicon Chip, PAIA Theramax, etc. 
Prewiew-phone out, for the best tuning accuracy www.moogmusic.com/manuals/HotRodEtherwav.pdf  Improve the linearity. Tuning for the best linearity and sound color, in connection with the body size and the playing style
External input: mix your voice, your guitar or other  with the theremin sound's and control the volume with the hand. With more than one surprise  www.theremin.altervista.org/ethermods.pdf  Mute switch, Led on indicator and more. Control voltages  converter some steps to control effects, outboard, cv sinths and MIDI under your hands.
Etherwave PRO, Volume response mods on:   EPRO doesn't work properly on lower end of volume range  (soft crescendo - diminuendo) and this 'snappy' response  is limitation in your playing technique. This modification improves the headroom-dynamic  and  fix this problems.

Crackle Box Building Kraakdoos

Circuit Bending
Amplified objects, Cracleboxes, Oscillators, Filters, Ribbon controller, Toys, Body Interfaces, Modding - building and more

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